Global test centers

What’s unique about Rösler’s system is its integrative approach. Systems and processes are tailor-made, both to the respective processing requirements as well as to their optimal placement in the production sequence. Many subsidiaries of the Rösler Group are equipped with their own test centers, with the latest in systems engineering. In order to capture data on the respective processing sequence, customer work pieces first undergo sample processing in the test centers. This decides which processing method - mass finishing or shot blasting - will be used and with which peripheral devices.


Process development and process optimization 

From sample processing to process design to mechanical implementation and expert after-sales service, you receive comprehensive solutions from a single source.

In our spacious test centers, we can realistically reproduce all mass finishing and shot blasting processes. The latest measurement technologies - both physical and chemical - support our process development and optimization. More than 190 engineers and technicians work daily in our construction and development departments on individually tailored system solutions.

Product development and optimization

The unique bandwidth of the Rösler portfolio, combined with test centers around the world and our optimally equipped laboratory at the Untermerzbach location, lay the foundation for innovative product development in mass finishing and shot blasting.

From consumables to machines to filter systems and process water centrifuges, we develop and manufacture all components ourselves. This depth of production is unique in our industry.

Measurement of residual compressive tension

The demands placed on blasting processes are becoming increasingly more extensive, particularly in the area of shot peening. Residual compressive tension must be specifically built up in the material in order to improve the lifespan of components, to increase the stabilization of the component or to improve load characteristics.

Using x-ray diffractometry, Rösler offers a specialized measurement system for analyzing mechanical tensions on crystalline metal surfaces. This allows blasting processes to be examined quickly and process development times to be reduced.

Rösler also offers analyses by x-ray diffractometer as an independent service.