Bulk deflashing machine

Whether you’re finishing camshafts, valves or pan handles, Rosler bulk deflashing machines provide the ideal process for finishing small or moderately sized non-delicate work pieces. The continual deflashing with even piece transport at a defined speed is the center point of this.

Thanks to an innovative drum design and screw conveyors, Rosler bulk deflashing machines are ideally suited for efficient and reliable finishing of bulk pieces. While the Multitumbler RMTS captivates above all through a 100% batch purity and high reliability, even under raw starting conditions, the SBSK loop belt machines score points for their integrated cleaning drums for optimal cleanliness of the parts after the blasting process.

Loop belt machine SBSK 1201/1702

The loop belt machine is ideal for the continuous feed de-flashing of medium quantities of bulk produced, relatively small thermoset and highly filled thermoplastic work pieces.

Technical description
The raw work pieces are transferred into the de-flashing machine by an angled belt conveyor in combination with a vibratory feed chute. The rub-ber loop belt is equipped with cams that are arranged in an auger-like  fashion. While the work pieces are constantly tumbling over each other, the cams are gently pushing them forward through the blasting zone at a preset speed. The SBSK is equipped with one blast turbine placed in the roof of the machine housing above the loop belt.
With its compact design and small footprint the SBSK 1201 offers the  efficient de-flashing of bulk produced, small work pieces in tight spaces.
After de-flashing the finished parts are passing through an integrated  separation drum for removal of any residual blast media. This allows trans-ferring the work pieces to the next manufacturing process without any inter-mediate cleaning step.

For the automatic de-flashing of:

  • Medium size quantities of bulk produced work pieces
  • Small work pieces

Special equipment:

  • Vibrating conveyor instead of the separation drum
  • Loop belt made from perforated steel slats
  • Larger turbines

Typical applications::

  • Housing and switch covers for electrical installation components
  • Housing for circuit breakers and contactors
  • Ash trays
  • Pan handles

Multitumbler machine RMTS

The Multitumbler RMTS is characterized by its innovative design and use of proven equipment components. This sturdy designed batch machine pro-duces excellent de-flashing results under the toughest operating conditions.

Technical description

The rotary drum of the Multitumbler de-flashing machine is made in steel. Wave like tumbling cams and a pyramid shaped bottom ensure excellent mixing of the parts during the shot blasting process.

A turbine, mounted on the roof of the blasting chamber onto the drum, pro-duces the required blast intensity. Since the rotary drum has no pinch points whatsoever, it allows the de-flashing of extremely flat and small work pieces with no damage to the parts.

The RMTS allows the batch processing of small work pieces with a  minimum size of 3.5 mm. However, it can also be utilized for de-flashing of relatively large, desensitized parts. Multitumblers can be used as stand-alone machines, or they can be upgraded into fully automatic sys-tems with sophisticated material handling equipment for loading and un-loading the parts. Optional equipment like automatic media replenishers guarantee a high process reliability and reduce operator intervention to an absolute minimum.

For the automatic de-flashing of:

  • Very small to relatively large bulk produced work pieces
  • Small to large work piece quantities

Special equipment:

  • With injector- (I) or pressure blasting technology (D)
  • Specified design of the rotary drum (adapted to the workpieces to be blasted)

Typical applications:

  • Cam shafts
  • Tappets
  • Contactors

Troughed conveyor belt batch blast machine RMBC1.1-S

The RMBC 1.1-S is a compact deflashing machine for batch processing of large quantities of tumble-proof plastic parts like thermoset or highly filled thermoplastics). During the blasting process the work pieces continuously tumble on a perforated endless rubber belt. This ensures that the blasting material, introduced via a blast turbine reaches the work pieces on all sides and in an effective and uniform manner. The contact between the work pieces additionally accelerates the deflashing process.
After the blast cycle ends the residual blasting material is separated from the work pieces by further tumbling the batch before unloading. This minimizes media carryout.

Suitable for the automatic deflashing of:

  • small and medium-sized work pieces
  • larger quantities
  • tumble-proof work pieces
  • max. batch volume: 80dm³ (liters) / 2.8 cu.ft.

Special equipment:

  • different loop belt perforation sizes available to match the work pieces size to be blasted

Examples of application:

  • Carbon brush holders / contact holders
  • Friction bearing rings
  • Pistons / valve switching components